Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Measurement Term 2

My goal for measurement this term is find the perimeter/area of shapes.
                                                             ☐ 13m

The way to work out the perimeter of this rectangle, is adding together all of the numbers. On the exact opposite side of the shape, it is symmetrical so on the opposite side, it is the same number. So times 24 by 2. (24x2=48) On the opposite side of the 13, it is the same too. So times the 13 by two too. (13x2=26) now add the numbers together, (26+48=74) so the perimeter of this shape is 74m.

To get the area of the shape, I times the number by the number. (So 24x13=) But that question is too hard to figure out on its own. So I am going to use the doubling and halving strategy. I will double the 13, and halve, the 24. so now we times 26 by 12. But it is still too hard! So I break it up... 20x12=240, and 6x12=72. Now add the 240 and the 72 together, and that is the area. (240+72=312m squared)

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