Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Dance Lessons Term 2

I‘ve enjoyed learning the different dances which were really fun. (The Cha Cha Cha, and the Hip-Hop dance).
I surprised myself because I thought the dance wouldn’t be that fun. But when I had a go, I loved it.

I challenged myself when we did the dance in front of the parents, because I was really nervous but once I started dancing, I got stuck in and it was really fun.

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Monday, 22 May 2017

The Coldest Day- Writing from Term 1

The coldest day.
In the school holidays, my family and I camped at Quinney’s Bush, a campsite. There were lots of things at Quinney’s including a fitness trail, a water slide, a confidence course, a giant playground with a giant tyre swing, and 3 giant flying foxes. And above all, there was a freezing waterhole with another water slide, where we would go on boiling hot days.

On one of those boiling hot days, my family and I all put our togs on, and packed stuff like towels, hats, sunblock and chips if we got hungry.

I decided to enter the waterhole by going down the water slide. It would take too long to dip my toe in and then slowly go in. I made a huge SPLASH!!!! And swam to the edge of the pool. The water was so freezing that I thought coldly that I was entering a giant -100° freezer, and even though it was a hot day, the tips of my fingers turned purple, but I pushed on. I went into the river next to the waterhole and I was clutching my arms so hard they were going numb.
So i thought enough was enough, and I announced,”I’m getting out!”
“Oh, why?” my stepdad asked.
“Can’t you tell Matt?” I snapped, ”I’m freezing to death!”
“It isn’t that cold!” sneered my older sister Jacinta,”Scaredy cat! Scaredy cat!” she chanted.
“Stop that, Jacinta,” mum scolded.
“Finally, at least someone’s coming to my aid, ”I muttered under my breath.
“What’s that Daphne? ”Matt asked.
“Nothing,” I said through gritted teeth.
“Scaredy cat! Scaredy cat!” Jacinta continued.
“Jacinta!” Mum shrieked, ”stop!” I could tell she was annoyed.
“Okay. Bye. I’m getting out!” I say, as i walk out of the ice-cold river. It was even colder out of the water than in. I snuggled myself up in my towel but I was covered in goosebumps and I was still shivering. Well, that was cold.