Monday, 21 November 2016

Integrated Learning

WALT describe ideas about school design.
The school idea I am presenting is built in iPads on the desks. I am presenting this by making a diorama.
 I think the school should use this idea because it will be much easier not having to walk to the other side of the room for an iPad when there's one stuck into your desk!


Room 6 and I started swimming lessons at Starfish Swim school like the other year 5\6 classes for two weeks.
I learnt the dolphin dive stroke, and the most challenging thing that I found was when we did races. I am most proud of my swimming in general. =) 

CARE Values

I know how to show my CARE values in the classroom. I think we have the CARE values at Oaklands School because they help us be better people and they train us to be kind.
I think the most important CARE value is use your time wisely.