Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Relationships and teamwork solo rubric

Blogging Week 6- SOLO assessment for PE, Teamwork and Relationships.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Art Attack Term 3 Week 4

This week we are focused on art attack.

The type of art we are doing is inspired by Raewyn Harris, who is an artist that creates art similar to this.

What is the goal?
The goal was to create artist inspired artwork.

What did I learn to do?
I learnt how to create Artwork inspired by Raewyn Harris.
We looked at colours and what colours go well together. We looked at complementary colours. Complementary colours are opposite each other in the colour wheel.

What is my next step?
My next step is to try and draw my main Koru more rounded at the edges.

My favourite part of my art is probably the fern in the bottom left.

Here is a picture of my finished artwork.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Music Term 3 Week 2

How did you go about achieving this?
Worked as hard as I could to get it finished
What resources were used to help you?
Used a device to write down our rap.
Did you go through the process on your own or collaborate with other people?
I was collaborating with Jordyn.
How did you find the process?
A little difficult because you had to find a lot of words that rhymed.
What did you enjoy most about the process of creating a rap?
Collaborating and finding words to rhyme.

What might be your next step?
To make it more interesting.

I wake up on Monday,
Pretending to be sick,
‘Cause everyday on my way to school,
You push me into the ditch.

You pass rumours around,
and push me to the ground,
you throw me into the school pool,
you think you’re just so cool!

I’ve told the teacher many times,
But all the bully does is lie!

I have to fake the flu to get away from you.  

Why do you taunt me and haunt me?

by Daphne and Jordyn

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Multiplication and division Term 2/3

WALT solve written division by showing remainder as a decimal.

I have learned how to divide numbers that are hard to work out on their own, by using this strategy. Usually I write the remainder, but we are learning to convert the remainder into a decimal. In this case, the remainder was R1. In a fraction, that would be 1/4. In a decimal, 0.25. so I just add 0.25 on the end to show my understanding and working out.

This Term we are learning about Percentages, Ratios and Proportions. I think my next step is to understand percentages, and to be able to easily convert decimals, fractions, and remainders into percentages. I would like to work on this because percentages are my weak spot in Maths.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Integrated Learning Term 3

Alexia, Jordyn, and I made 3 posters to show other students what rubbish goes in the right bin. We are going to display these posters around the school to ensure the rubbish goes in the correct bin.